Quasar FHR 942W & Demo Voyager at Epsom in 1989

The first meeting of the Voyager demonstrator with an original Quasar was at Epsom Racecourse in late 1989.
The Voyager was ridden from the SCL HQ in Crickhowell, South Wales, by Paul Blezard and the Quasar was ridden from North London by Pete Lawrence. PNB
Update 2020: This Quasar, FHR 942W, is now yellow and can be seen and sat in at the National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull.
This Voyager, the ex-demonstrator V05, is now blue, and has been owned for many years by Graham Robb.

Photo: © Paul Blezard

Quasar FHR 942W & Demo Voyager at Epsom in 1989

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So. The English in the '70's and 80's of the last century (and the Swiss, then and now), produced more innovative two wheelers than they have so far in the 21st. century.


Old English Innovation


Depends what you mean by innovation

Er, weren't they just updates of the Ner-a-car.

Thanks for that

Of course. In exactly the same way that Homo Sapiens are just an update of Homo Hablis.

But lacking the 3 million years of continous development we call 'evolution' it was neccessary, in order to get from the Neracar to the Voyager, to make a number of imaginative leaps, aided by several other imaginative people (Gustave Baum, A.V. Roe, Jack Difazio, Malcom Newell, Ken Leaman and so on). On my planet these leaps are usually called 'Innovation'

But don't mind me, dismiss all of us how you will. I'm sure none of us put in the effort in order to qualify as 'innovators'. We did it to move PTW technology on a bit - and in reference to the Neracar I think you may agree we succeeded.

My point concerned how little has been done since. Perhaps you can help with that?