New owner Goldwing Phasar

Hi Everybody just to let you know, i am the new owner of the Honda Goldwing Phasar recently advertised on this site, i am hoping to eventually put it back on the road, but it is unlikely to be fitted with a leadwing engine, possibly even electric drive. If anybody can tell me any info re the bike ie, original length of front spring/dampers, and approx spring rates, and any more info on Tait front end would be appreciated. thanks in advance yours Dave Arthur

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Hi David, I have one of the Goldwing Phasars here. Let me know what information you require and I can measure and photograph the relevant parts for you. I don't know the spring rates on the front but could remove one damper to further investigate it. I'm guessing Malcolm Newall simply fitted whatever was to hand.


Hi Neil thanks for getting in touch. Sorry about the delay getting back,I initially checked each day for news, but were all so busy, otherwise there would be far more FFs out there. Basically if you could please measure the approximate length of the front suspension units from eye to eye, or just a picture of the top wishbone at rest will be adequate, and the front suspension travel, and the same eye to eye length on the rear end, and approximate travel. I would also like to know the height of the bottom centre section of the frame from the floor, and is it Parallel, or rising to the front or rear, and the difference with rider on board, and their weight. Please don't spend a lot of time on this, getting it as accurate as you can, its just a rough starting point, and the fact its getting an electric motor installed for the drive I am just trying to get some basic start points, which will hopefully save some time. Thanks in advance yours Dave Arthur

Even slower reply

Hi David, Apologies for the even slower reply....I'm in the midddle of moving house so a little pre-occupied at the moment. However things will ease off in the next week or so and I will endeavour to take some measurements for you. The good thing about moving is that the Phasar is now very accessible, so much so it was at the recent Llangollen bikefest.
The measurements will be OK to do, but the top wishbone is buried beneath the bodywork so don't think I can take a current photo of it. But I do have photos of the bike when I was rebuilding it which may be of some use to you.
The rear suspension on mine is an air / spring type off a Goldwing, so the 'sag' and comfort can be set to whatever you want. I'll set the pressure to high which will allow an overall length to be taken.


Phaser update

Hi Neil Fully understand, ive moved home and workshops 3 times EACH and after x years ive still not got everything in place. Its doubtful, but if I had known you were at Llangollen I would have tried to have made it myself. Ime currently wedging in a big electric forklift truck pump motor, into where formerly the Goldwing motor sat, seemed like an obvious choice to me, and by the time ive slotted in the lead acid batterys, and a small suitcase generator it will be as heavy or even heavier than standard, must be something to do with the FF breed mad. As I said, just a few rough measurements, its just for a ref and start point. Thanks in advance yours Dave