Automoto Futuro #2 (1949?)

A photo of the Automoto Futuro posted by someone on the Internet

Automoto Futuro #2 (1949?)

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What a gem! Someone who started with a tailsection. Salute! And with a little work it could have been a Hosaack front end. So close etc. Any more info on when this was done? Pre-WW2 by the woman's outfit - American or European?

1949 Automoto Futuro

This is called Automoto Futuro 2 because the first photo of one of these machines, as described in an article in Motor Cycling in 1949, was posted on bikeweb in 2010 by Michael Moore. See here:

Ah yes, I remember etc.

Mr. Marzochi, indeed, looks much nicer in the second pic. Reading the text one sees the normal description of FF advantages, minus a few more recent discoveries and notes again the interesting failure of motorcyclists and their designers and manufactueres to notice any of this. It's impossible to pretend that the facts haven't been repeatedly presented over the decades. Robert Horn recently sent me a 'discussion' about 'recumbant motorcycles' on Reddit which may offer some light on the subject;-
Basicallly, like car drivers at junctions, they aren't looking. Silo mentality taken to extremes. Not recomended reading, life is too short.