Blez On BMW C evolution Plus in Autovolt

I have put up this image of the first two pages of my six page article for the July/August 2017 issue of Autovolt on the latest version of the BMW C evolution in response to Royce's strange claim that road tests of it are hard to find. The whole article is available, in either paper or digital form, from the back issues page of Autovolt here:
As it says in the article, the machine was kindly lent to me by Vines Motorrad of Guildford and I covered some 400 miles on it over ten days.
Photo: Bernard Zieja

Blez On BMW C evolution Plus in Autovolt

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I refer the honourable gentleman to the reply I gave some time..

As I said, in the previous C-evo thread Paul, you're the man to evaluate the potential of the C-evo powertrain as an FF unit, for this site. Who Else?

I really couldn't give a shit about the C-evo sales success or it's licencing regime or anything at all about any of the plastic spread over it. I've read several excellent techical articles and I'm familiar with the i-3 power management package (not to mention the development history of the Infineon Tri-core chip...). I, and any other potential C-evo FF users, just want to know how well the powertrain and it's control system works in practice. It's currently the only e-powertrain with a full management suite. The Infineon/Bosch/BMW origins make it extremely attractive. But, how well does it work?