Peraves back with news of E-powered Monoracer

For people with deep pockets who can't be doing with all this primitive open-cockpit, petrol driven FF nonsense, Peraves now have their brochure for 2018, offering the most efficient production vehicle on earth, the all electric Monoracer for only 79,500 Euro. plus a selection of second hand Monotracers using the BMW K1200 motor for rather less money. Accurately described as the worlds only premium class cabin motorcycle.

For further information

Production of the K1200 powered Monotracers ceased due to the motor not meeting current emission standards - it says in the brochure. The new E-models have an improved hydraulic outrigger system and I look forward to our leading FF journalist reporting back with a road test of this "two wheeled Tesla" (a rider quote.)in due course.

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I wish they were still making

I wish they were still making the Carver - and offered one with an electric powertrain.