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Hi everybody just thought I would post a picture and a bit of an update on my electric Phasar as you can see it now has a new rear swing arm and damper setup, curtesy of an early Honda CBR 1000 and from the humungous rear sprocket you can see, its now chain drive, as opposed to the original Goldwing engine driveshaft combination. It is now able to progress under its own power at the moment on 36v, and this feels like 150cc, but the actual drive is so bad, I will leave it as it is for the time being. Part of the problem is the front shocks are totally inadequate, but also easily resolved, if anybody out there with a similar vehicle, can measure the eye to eye length of their shocks for me please, it will also I hope, help tie in a few more issues.
Part of the reason I have also sent a picture at this time is a one line comment from Royce, having avidly read all his notes, his recent comments on Cedrics offer of help for would be electric drive enthusiasts, made me very sad and I quote (The number of people on this site who have actually cut metal, or even plastic, can be counted on the fingers) how true, most of my friends have lathes? But were nearly all old farts, 50 years ago every town had hundreds of little and not so little workshops, and factories turning out goods, but now many young people I talk to don’t even know what a lathe is. My £50,000 Colchester tornado lathe, was assumed to be an industrial washing machine, by one individual.
But I think an even more crippling factor has been brought into the equation fear of failure, failure is nothing but a windsock to progress, every failure inexorably directs you to a better position than you were in before, and hopefully eventually to success. Compared to not trying at all it really is a tragedy. I have been accused on occasion of being unprofessional, in my business presentation, from a friend just trying to help, but if anybody actually believes the corporate crap that comes from every sale item, then we truly are lost, and the loo brush should be an icon, and we truly are in the shit. Ime happy to show my scrapyard dog, but I am doing so to hopefully encourage others on this site, to make a start, the worse it starts off, the easier it is to make large improvements, or radical changes without great hardship, or cost, get out there and start cutting, theirs a mine of information and help on this site to get you started, what are you waiting for.
I was so excited when I saw this, another project close to my heart, and part of the reason I wanted to build a fully enclosed motorcycle, and I also managed to talk to the constructor himself, I forgot take any pictures of the bike, which also graces a funny front end, I agree Royce its not an FF but I told him it would benefit him to do so, and as you said so yourself, there are so few of us around, circle the wagons, and it definitely is not a tuba. Check out Graham Sykes Force Of Nature a bike designed to break the existing world land speed record, for steam powered vehicles Yours Dave sorry unable to upload picture as to big will take at lower res and try again

RIMG0550.JPG2.04 MB

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Date of photo: 2018 not 2014! + ID query

Dave, the photo is indelibly stamped January 1st 2014, but you've called this photo an 'update' in June 2018! So is the date marker incorrect in your camera?
Is this the same T-reg red Gold Wing Phasar that was advertised on ebay in 2017, which can be seen in the photo here?:
Also, you don't need to take another photo in lower res before you can upload to bikeweb, just reduce the size of this one in Photoshop or similar!

UPDATE - Dave has confirmed that the photo marked 2014 was in fact taken in 2018 and that his Phasar is indeed the same one that was advertised on ebay in 2017, without its original Honda Gold Wing engine.
I have uploaded his photo, suitably modified, to the appropriate 'Malcolm Newell's Creations' folder, here: