1942 Dalnik 250 in Czech museum

A very early Dalnik in the Czech National Technical museum, Prague. Reminiscent of a two-man sub!
This photo and most of the following information comes from Gösta Knochenhauer, but I (PNB) have slightly tweaked the words at the end for greater accuracy and more information about the Peraves Ecomobiles.
There are lots more of Gösta's fine photos on Flickr, here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/109551672@N02/35077584226
" 1942 Dálník 250 prototype motorcycle
As part of its secret development Zbrojovka Ing. F. Janeček also provided an opportunity for creators of various interesting projects. One of these was the pilot Jan Anderlé, who with this company's support constructed during the German occupation a number of vehicles named Dálník. These were two-wheeled vehicles with a bonnet, which were to provide the comfort of a car with the running costs of a motorcycle. But Anderle's ideas did not come to fruition at that time."
It was not until the 1980s that a Swiss engineer and pilot, Arnold Wagner, took up Anderlé's ideas successfully and produced the Peraves Ecomobile.
Wagner actually employed Anderlé for a while and named the Ecomobile driver's club after him: The JAV = Jan Anderlé Vereinigung.

Producer: Jan Anderlé, Prague, Czechoslovakia
Capacity: 248.5 cm³
Power: 6.6 kW (9 hp)
Top speed: unknown
Weight: 120 kg

National Technical Museum - Národní Technické Muzeum, Prague

1942 Dalnik 250 in Czech museum

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What kind of steering and suspension did this thing have?