Schwartz & Quasar in Bristol

Mike Schwartz and his Quasar in Waverley Road, Bristol, in the late 1970s. Mike bought the very first Quasar sold to a member of the public – number 001 – and covered a lot of miles in it. He was involved with the Concorde, parts of which were made in Bristol and others in Toulouse. Mike used to ride his Quasar from Bristol to Toulouse and back. It ended up in a village near Toulouse, without an engine, for a couple of decades until Mike's nephew, Richard Nares, repatriated it to England a few years ago and offered it to Mark Crowson, who is gradually restoring it to life.
Note the lack of separate rear indicator bodywork flare-outs, as seen on all later Quasars, and also added to some of the early ones.
I love the way the Hillman Imp and the Morris Minor in the background make the Quasar look as futuristic as it really was in the 1970s! PNB
Photo: Richard Nares Archive (mildly tweaked by PNB in Photoshop!)

Schwartz & Quasar in Bristol

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Gosh, Waverley Road. I used to buy dope from an address in that very street, not quite in shot... somewhat before this pic. was taken.