Peraves CZ announces latest "E-racer" for 2019

Peraves CZ boss Arnold Wagner has announced this years new Monoracer (The new name of the Monotracer/Ecomobile family), an all-electric development of the earlier (2016) e-powered model. Reasonably claimed to be the worlds most efficient street vehicle and a "super Tesla on two wheels", it's scheduled for market launch in summer this year, with sales due to start in August. A downpayment with order of 44,500 Euro's, followed by a final payment on delivery of 44,000 Euro's, makes a Tesla look cheap.

For further detail of the "Peraves-W19-Monoracer-BEV130KW" (AKA Die Bombe), limited only by the need to speak German, see or mail

As I mentioned previously, seeing the future in one thing, affording it quite another!