Close, but no banana

Here's another entry from EMN; a Chinese product that demonstrates probably the best example of imagination failure so far See, in one entry, a more or less conventional electric motorcycle with moderate range, desgined for urban commuters. See, in an immediately adjacent entry, what would be an improvement on BMW's C.1. lower, electric and in all respects an E-FF - except that it's got two front wheels and it's a tilting three wheeler - and the seat back is shown in the passenger position...

How can it be that the same company makes two vehicles, for the same urban commuter market, with (within the limits of tilting three wheelers) the same vehicle dynamics, and yet is blind to the opportunity to combine the two into the simplest (two wheels) and most comfortable (low seat, Quasar/C.1-level bodywork) option?

Truely baffling!