Hi I have just to many projects, so if anybody wants to take this over, they are welcome to it for free. I was obviously going to convert it to a lightweight electric FF, and although i bought a nice motor and controller, ( these do not come with the bike ) it never got started. Basically its a Sachs 125cc just as it is in pics, all the front end has gone, i only had to cut through one tube to set it free, and i may have a few more pieces available, just found a headlight, but you don't get the blue box, i just used headlights to drain battery's for testing. only other bits possibly footrests, poss rear brake caliper, speedo and rev counter, but i don't want to start looking, if no one is interested. Have logbook in my name. Available for collection, but we are going South in the next few weeks, possibly via Wales, and ending up on the Lizard in Cornwall, so may be able to meet on Services South, or somewhere on Welsh coast, but would prefer to drop off ist day out approx 150 miles from Warrington, as sleeping in the van, and the missis is rearing up enough as it is, in fact you can take the wife, and i keep the bike.

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