TRX850FF Front Right 2008

A riderless view of Jon Hall's TRX850-based creation. This photo gives a better view of the two front shock absorbers on the Hossack-style front end. PNB

TRX850FF Front Right 2008

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Details, details!

Some interesting features here. A rare example of a rear radiator set-up, rather simpler than FJ's twin rear radiators. Also a very familiar looking bottom ball joint on the lower front suspension "wishbone" I wonder if it's another application for the Metro/MGF unit, as used on the Voyager HCS ((Less than a tenner), or the later BMW copy, as used on their Saxtrack Copy (AKA "Telelever" - £90). I'm with Jan Nelder on this one. I think it could be sorted out. The lock issue (see comments below the other picture) could be solved with a different lower wishbone on the Hossack, probably using a single suspension unit mounted centrally - like one of Malcome's V50s. I assume the big grey box in the middle is the fuel tank, although I'd be inclined to reduce the wheelbase if at all possible. Jan's mention of a twin shock set up at the rear makes sense and it would be better with a lower seat.

It's worth remembering that BMW also copied Normans Hossacks design, carefully waiting until his patent expired, calling it "duolever" and fitting it to the K1200. Should be available in scrapyards by now. Easier than building your own unit.

But ultimately, the main problem with this project is that it uses an ICE. Traditional special builders, including me, may not have the technical knowledge to assemble an electric powertrain. Battery packaging and management and above all power management software, are entirely new subjects only recently understood by major manufacturers but the knowledge is out there and E-powered FFs are the future of PTWs. That's the challenge for FF prototype designers, for once I'm in agreement with the Honad Motor Co; the rest of the FF is 'almost simple'