Electric Socovel (Belgium, 1941-1950-ish)

Back to the electric future! Evidence, once again, that there's nothing new under the sun. This FF-ish (or at least, 'FF-able') machine was actually produced during the war, in Belgium, when it was occupied by the Nazis. Some 500 were built. And as you can see if you look carefully, the machine in the inset reproduced from The Motor Cycle had much bigger wheels and a different seating arrangement. PNB
Images: reproduced via t'internet from 'Electric Belgian' in Vintage & Classic Motorcycle June 2020, who in turn reproduced an earlier image from The Motor Cycle of April 1948.

Electric Socovel (Belgium, 1941-1950-ish)

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"The more things change the more they stay the same"

Pardon my (lack of) French...

Entertaining how exactly similar this layout is to my own recent efforts in CAD. Time has changed the suspension, seating and chassis details but it's still a bloody great battery box and quite a large motor. Battery tech has obviously improved but not by the order of magnitude really needed, motors are better but not dramatically. Electronic control and management are the big improvements I guess. We're getting there, but there's still some way to go. It would be nice to see the majors getting off their arses with electric PTW's, there's obviously a limit to what we 'garigistes' can do and the world needs that delivery e-scooter now!

Any chance of blowing the text up? bit difficult to read as it is. (yeah, I know - Specsavers, now open again)