Chris Baker at the NSU museum

Here's some of that history stuff, Chris Baker in one of the NSU Hammocks at the NSU museum. That's Gustav Baum's son with his wife and kids standing behind the Hammock. When NSU closed down the motorcycle division in 1956* all the Hammocks were thrown out as scrap, but were rescued and restored by the prototype team. When was this? I forget, I'm not a historian. But Blaz were there too, he'll know.

Pic by Ingrid Oesten

*They'd decided to throw everything into the RO80 Wankel-powered car. Everyone makes mistakes

Chris Baker at the NSU museum

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I remember the photos, but I wasn't there when they were taken!

I remember one of those photos of Chris Baker in the hammock was used in Motorcycle Sport, but I've never been to the Hockenheim museum so I wasn't there when the photos were taken. The museum visit was in September 1986 after I rode the LC350 Phasar to the Cologne show and Chris Baker and Ingrid Oesten rode there in the VF750 Quasar. They then went to the museum while I was dashing down to the Bol d'Or at Paul Ricard and on for a lap of France, as described in SuperBike magazine.
I took this photo of Chris in the pannier-equipped VF750 Quasar during that Cologne trip and Royce mentions the museum visit in the comments:
It would be nice to have at least one of these photos uploaded separately so that it will be a decent size rather than having the 3 together appearing like a contact strip....You don't even need to do any re-scanning. Just crop and upload separately!
Link for the Hockenheim museum:
Finally, remember, there are two Ms in Baumm! Blimey, he has his own Facebook page!

Told ya

See? I said Blez would have all the details. Even knows what to do about the photo's (go for it!) and how to spell and everything.