Hardaker Yamaha RD400FF in V&CMC mag

John Hardaker's RD400FF, and his own description of it, as seen in the January 2021 issue of the Vintage Motorcycle Club's monthly magazine, 'Vintage & Classic Motorcycle'. Dig those funky go-kart wheels!
Royce Creasey's comments about this machine, and the VMCC, can be read in the blog section here: http://bikeweb.com/comment/reply/3628#comment-form
The closest other FFs to this machine are probably the two Phasars built earlier by Malcolm Newell in the mid-1980s, powered by Yamaha's later liquid cooled 250 and 350 twins. See here: http://bikeweb.com/image/tid/202

Photo: screenshot of part of an FF Future Motorcycle Group Facebook post.

Hardaker Yamaha RD400FF in V&CMC mag

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Name confusion qaboos Q

Although the caption on the photo says it's John Harding who built the bike, it was actually John Hardaker

Caption now corrected!

I had already corrected the explanatory blurb, but I've corrected the caption on the actual photo as well now! (This cock-up was entirely due to the confusion of the editor of the VMCC magazine, who mistakenly headed the whole article as having been written by John Harding when in fact it was written, and all the machines built, by John Hardaker!) PNB