Ken Leaman

Dear FF community,

As we approach the first anniversary of the passing of Ken Leaman, on behalf of Malcolm Newell’s family, I wanted to say a few words of appreciation and recognition. Ken, a former aircraft engineer, through much hard work and hassle, helped develop, define, and produce Dad’s vision of the Quasar. Although coming from “totally different worlds”, both men were on the same creative wavelength. While their formal Quasar relationship finished in 1981, their friendship continued. When Dad died suddenly in 1994, Ken had been “waiting to get back” to the project.

Gavin Newell

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Amen to that

Ken was, apart from being a really nice bloke, the rock on which Malcome's wild creativity was made real. He exemplified those rare, quiet and thoughtful people able to recognise and enable the reality in other peoples dreams.

Photo of Ken Leaman in the Quasar folder

There is now a long-overdue photo of Ken Leaman in the Quasar folder, here:
More words and pix to follow. PNB

Quasar. A small family vehicle?

I thought I'd let younger readers know that another claim to fame for Ken Leamen is that he designed one of the original Durex vending machines...