Pat Neal's sprint racer...(1979?)

No other information at this time...Possibly 1979 vintage...

Pat Neal's sprint racer...(1979?)

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He wasn't alone

There was an English drag 'bike' along similar lines, also some time in the seventies, or maybe earlier. It was laid out like a regular 1/4" mile drag racer with the rider sitting behind the rear wheel, engine in front. Used a VW air-cooled boxer engine with a supercharger. It didn't go terribly fast, compared to 'Super Nero' or Alf Hagons "Drop the back wheel" JAP-powered drag racer and I remember thinking that selecting the VW engine was probably a mistake.

Cannot remember what it was called!


Sounds like the "DragWaye" - More FF than most:

Roger that

Yeah, that's the one. Good picture, interesting how little rider safety featured. Fitting out the Monoliner a few years ago I was struck by how a couple of decades of designing road vehicles, in which safety was a feature, conflicted with earlier experience of F.1 cars, where safety had just become an embarrassed afterthought. There's no doubt that 'safety' is heavy and adds complexity, but the DragWaye belongs in a previous world! I think the "Waye" bit was the creators name.

DragWaye low foot position...

I remember seeing pix of the DragWaye. Can't actually make out the footrests in that photo! The rider's heels appear to be no more than half an inch off the ground in any case!