Vetrix electric

Hi I don't know if anybody is interested, but their is a Vetrix VX1 Bergman type electric scooter for sale on speakEV the guy is asking £800, (battery's are shot) usually replaced by Leaf cells, and it may just be of some use, to somebody just dipping their toes into converting a basic electric scooter, into an FF. I know nothing about these vehicles, but Winkle Brown Blez has very probably ridden one, and can hopefully give us a full SP on the viability of such a project being a good proposition, or one to miss. All the best Dave

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Vectrix VX1 (with a C!)

Just to be clear, the correct spellings are VECTRIX with a C and (Suzuki) BURGMAN with a U!
Yes, I have ridden several different Vectrixes from 2007 to 2011. I also accompanied the modified Vectrix that was ridden around the world in 80 days for the last two days of the trip, back in 2011, alongside the winning Designwerk ZeroTracer and the Vectrix-based trike known as TREV.
There are 4 photos in the Vectrix folder here:
And one in the electric Peraves/Designwerk folder here:
PS A link to the advertisement would have been handy Dave!


I think Dave was more interested in what it was like to drive than how it's name was spelt...

Me too.