Bullshit of the year contender

I confidently nominate BMW for Bullshit of the Year award for this entry on EMN.


Worth reading for a number of interesting comments, such as bigging up Low CG and using the term 'Feet First riding position'. Anyone launching an electric FF could use much of this blurb verbatim. If I was an optimist (rather than an old cynic) I could almost suspect that whoever writes this rubbish is a closet FF proponent - unlike whoever designed the C/-Evo/04/02

Also interesting for being yet another offering where imagination failed when it came to the rear end. Like the CE04, there isn't one. And just like the prototyper version of the CE04, if you slip off the rear of the seat this bike will eat your arse. Obviously some token rear mudguard will appear in the production version. As it is it's illegal. One lovely touch is the skateaboard carrier, apparantly used as a footboard and guarunteeing major damage in any accident.

No price quoted as yet, but probably another potential lightweight FF donor for a very rich FF enthusiast.