Cedric's Streamliner does L2BEVR in 2021 (+H-D LiveWire!)

Brilliant to see the legendary Cedric Lynch and his fantastic home-built (in 1991!) electric streamliner taking part in the London to Brighton Electric Vehicle Rally last weekend (18/9/2021). Having recently had its second upgrade to new lithium batteries, Cedric's 30-year-old machine is now capable of cruising for 500 miles at 55-60mph. It is of course powered by an Agni motor of his own design. He recently rode it from Potters Bar (north of London) to Somerset and back, on less than half a tankful! Therefore, he had no problem at all riding from Potters Bar to London, on to Brighton, and back to Potters Bar on even less juice. In contrast, the Harley-Davidson LiveWire that I rode required more frequent fueling. While it easily managed to do SW London to Central London, then down to Brighton on a 'tankful', I was very pleased to get a free fast charge in Brighton so that I could ride the 60 miles home without having to avoid the motorway. The Harley is fantastic fun to ride, but Cedric's machine shows that the dramatically improved aerodynamics possible with an FF riding position and decent bodywork are well worth adopting...(as NSU amply demonstrated in the 1950s!). No need to wear protective boots either, or any shoes at all! (Cedric rarely wears shoes, whether riding or walking!) PNB

Update: There is a 33 minute documentary on the event that was shown on Latest TV and which is viewable on YouTube. It features most of the interesting electric vehicles, including the solar-powered one, Cedric and his streamliner, an electrified Bond Bug, Yours Truly talking about the H-D LiveWire but sadly not the Energica Eva that took part, nor the two SuperSoco CPX scooters. See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9QwclwVw_s

Photo: Paul Blezard archive

Cedric's Streamliner does L2BEVR in 2021 (+H-D LiveWire!)

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What's going on?

Is it not interesting how the FF Two Wheeler has avoided being dragged into mainstreaam consideration? There are other obviously relevent things that also get ignored so it's not just FFs, it's a Phenomena. FFs have demontrated that they have everything going for them in the current world. Massively fuel efficient, comfortable, safe and practical. The world needs an efficient lightweight vehicle with these advantages.

And yet, like Water Power, the oldest form of renewable energy technolgy, it's avoided. Consistently and deliberately.

Why is this?