Parking a retired FF racer in a museum, etc - with pictures!!!

How a welcoming museum was found for the retired FF racer, "Thoughts" of FB, next racer progress:

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Worth looking at

Nice pictures and a concise and coherent summary. Many lessons for FF proponents here. Chiefly perhaps the famous old saw "You can lead a person (motorcyclis enthusiast) to culture (Technology) but you can't make them think...

Basically motorcycle enthusiasts don't want better vehicles - faster, more comfortable, more efficient, safer, any damm thing. They want motorised bicycles. Like some people want biplanes and front-engined racing cars. Neophobia, fear of the future.

Fine with me. Do your thing. Just 'get out of the doorway if you can't lend a hand' we need to get on.

Or, as I may have mentioned previously - Fuck the past, what about the future?