FOTB returning

A date for your 2022 diary (Covid permitting) is the weekend of 16/17 July at Mallory Park. This is the return of the FOTB run by the VMCC. It is not perfect, but it does allow us to answer the whatever happened? questions of a few interested potential converts; and it gives us a social weekend / checking our latest harware / remembering who we are. I will apply for the club stand. there will be 10 (person and bike) tickets available - preference given to those with a bike. Let me know if/how you are coming:
If you want track time, then apply directly to VMCC FOTB.

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FOTB Numbers

Just to add that we are already up to six bikes on the stand, but there is room for a few more yet. Roll up, Roll up.

One more.

We're up to seven bikes now, so just three entries left for bike and rider.