FJ walk-round video

I should have done this years ago. Would have been better with lighting, camera - and someone who talks proper. Comment if you'd like more (Better than this). It might be useful to builders?

Happy new year.

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Good to see the real live

Good to see the real live Royce!


Very interesting Royce. More about the aero development would be good. Looking forward to seeing the electric one.


Good subject selection! That will take a bit of organising. The whole story involves most of the FFs I've made. Fortunately most of them exist in photo form and there's even some video, all on Bikeweb really. But curating all that into one coherent video isn't the work of an idle winter afternoon... I think the first thing will be to establish which platform to host it - Vimeo is space limited, both the recent vids I've put up were ruthlessly edited to fit the limit. I'll consult m'learned IT friends...

The E-FF project continues, I'm about to do the next part of the front structure, Drawings printed, just a little paid work to do first.

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Aero development....

Aero's, or at least some really early video of some of it, has been on YouTube for more than a decade (or more!)

(YouTube link if your browser has blocked it!)

'Going Mobile' was chosen because Royce mentioned listening to it in a Quasar write up in Bike decades before!

Aero's - it's complicated

This all relates to the comment that some video on 'aerodynamic development' would be interesting. It certainly would! Just needs the curation of several (10+) still pics and at least four short video films - short, but all too long for a single Vimeo entry. This is a fairly serious film-making excercise and given my lack of knowledge of this subject, plus the fact that I'm not exactly at a loose end, it's basically a non-starter. It's a job for a keen film student's project or something.

And think about the curation for a moment. Obviously quite technical. How much knowledge has to be assumed in the audience? None? Some? Would one start with the basic gas laws? Separation? Indifference? Boundary layers? Could it even be done in one film? Done properely it would be a job for someone. I'm cutting metal right now. It aint me babe. I'm not the one you're looking for.

I could do a short vid. commenting on FJ's aero's, basically listing where it's wrong or could be improved and the things that work. I'll wait until the light improves. Meanwhile there's quite a ot of aero stuff on this site 'FJ New nose', Monoliner and 'Going Mobile' videos, Cmax 'old and new' and of course my incomprehensible attempt at 'aerodynamics' in the Technical Articles section. And asuming I live that long I'll be doing a new bodyshell for Afuture eventually - looking forward to that!

Great info...shame about the location!

Great info, terrible location! Somewhere deserted, with no people or other vehicles to spoil the view and the sound would have been much more sensible. It was only at the very end I realised that the Royce & Voyager mural was right there – but the camera never showed it to us properly! That was the only possible reason to use that location, but you didn't flag it up! PNB PS Still not a fan of the finger throttle...


On the other hand feedback of this video suggested that the location, specifically the passers-by, were rather entertaining ("Hilarious"). So it goes. Ref. the location, It's outside my backdoor, with a flat surface and pleasent 'rural' background. That's good enough for me. I've used this location for decades. The video is about FJ, nothing else.

My sole purpose in putting this up is to make understanding FFs easier for other people - and it struck me that there were no other videos ike this, showing design details. However I accept that the lighting and close-ups were pretty poor, that's midwinter sunlight for you and my ignorance/disinterest in visual media. Feel free to do better.

Is there any specific reason for your dislike of the trigger throttle? You've seen the advantages described, what disadvantages do you detect?