FF Design Contest....



It is already over:


Funny how interest and enthusiasm for innovation and invention comes from outside the industry...

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FF Design contest

I find it totally baffling (Incomprehensible, illogical, counter-productive, a waste of everybodies time, quite possibly insulting, what have you) that this outfit should indulge in a contest to design an FF, recognising some of the published benefits, especially the aero advantage as applied to E-FFs and referring to this website as the authourative information point, and then not announce the contest on this site.

Is it because design features revealed or demonstrated here, over the considerable life of the site, are not regarded as useful or valid? Is it just simple 'not invented here' bias? Judging by the entries and not least the winners of the competition, no reference was made to any of the contributions here, except possible the Akiria bike (an imaginary film creation) Indeed, despite the blurb stressing the aero advantages of FF, it seems that very little attention was paid to the brief. None the entries show any appreciation of the aero development that has gone on, or indeed aerodynamics generally. There is some resemblance to some historic FFs (eg the SEV "Thirteen") but that unsurprisingly displayed some unfortunate characteristics at speed that were entirely aerodynamically generated.

Possibly the focus on 'clean sheet' designs is to allow more time to be wasted on the process of design itself, avoiding the difficult process of transferring to production any of the various fully developed FFs in existance. This suggests that the design process itself has become pointless, A student employment scheme, rather than a step on the path to production.

Or maybe it's another example of "Creatives" refusing to consider other peoples efforts in case it "Pollutes the purity of their creativity". In reality we all stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, back tro the first poor sod chipping a flint. Anything else is egotistical time-wasting and it's getting a bit late for that.

I will be grateful for any explanation for this bizarre excercise. But don't break into a sweat over it.