Here's a thing

After scrolling through these thousands of comments it was obvious that a reference to Bikeweb was needed. So using an established Youtube log in I submitted such a reference. Twice. With no result. So props to Blez for getting one in, regrettably without mentioning that this site covers All Ffs, not just the Monotracer. So it's not just 'bikeweb' being censored, there's clearly a trick we've missed there somewhere. Maybe someone will tell us.

Meanwhile, while it means registering with Youtube, it would be good if some other FF proponents put thier bit in as a counterweight to all the brainjerking currently flooding the comments on Four Nine

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Just to be clear....

In case anyone was wondering, Royce is referring to the video about FFs posted by Ryan Kluftinger aka RyanF9 on the FortNine YouTube channel on 16th April 2022. Only 3 weeks later it is already heading for a million views and 5,000 comments. It is entitled: 'Feet Forward Motorcycles are Technically Better' and can be viewed here:
FWIW I've already made numerous replies to many of the comments, in the relevant places, including some replies to the presenter, RyanF9, himself. PNB