Monoliner appears in public!

Readers of todays (Wedensday 11th. May) MCN will be presented with photos and a typically fact-free article on the Monoliner track day race prototype I delivered a few years ago. It'll be at the Peterborough show soon apparantly. Hopefully someone will put up some photos here - could be you if you go to the show.

I was particularly amused by the MCN suggestion that 'provisions are in place' to make it road legal, in a sort of reverse ferret of the Norton-Cosworth;- Duckworth "Do you want a road engine or a racer?" Norton "We want a road bike engine" They got the engine and promptly raced it. If Monoliner had been a road design it would have had the same 38 degree (each side) lock of all the other MK11 Voyager HCS-equipped FFs, rather than the 20 degrees it got. Other items may also have been different - at least a heater!

Still, it should cause some amusement and once running it'll raise adrenelin levels more than any electric pedalo. 90BHP and a Cda of .21 adds up to very fast indeed and it's got the same wheelbase as a Quasar, that I recall was exceptionally stable at high(ish) speed in the IoM. Best of luck to all who sail in it!

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Photo now uploaded!

See here for a photo: