Quasar & Banana in Japanese Mag (1981?)

These images from 40 years ago have just turned up on the FF Facebook group thanks to Chris Batey, although they were discovered in Japan by Alexander Solovey. They show the 'Doctor' Quasar and the Difazio-Creasey CX500 Flying Banana. The headline in English is a bit strange: 'SIT ON BIKE QUASAR AND CX500 TRAINER'. The Japanese text is very hard to read in this low resolution. I suspect that these photos were taken during the 1981 Isle of Man TT races because that was the only year that John Malfoy took this Quasar, and Royce Creasey took the Banana, to the island). Royce might be able to tell us more. PNB
More on the 'Doctor' Quasar here: https://bikeweb.com/node/3710
Lots more about the Flying Banana here: https://bikeweb.com/image/tid/36
Photo: Screenshot from low-res image.

Quasar & Banana in Japanese Mag (1981?)

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1981 TT indeed

Yeah, that would be the IoM event, note 'sealink' stickers on Banana - I blagged a ferry ticket on the strength of that. Put in a 33 minute open-roads lap, later crashed at Creg na Baa on a wet patch. So it goes, at least it didn't hurt.