Perspex canopy salvage

As the photos show, I have been making a pigs ear of producing the canopies for my Monotraceresque type vehicle, and i am only now, confident of any success, and although i have somebody who may want a few, i am also offering the rest to site members for free, hoping they can be of use to somebody for their own projects, if nothing else the 6mm sheet is £120 a pop, and it may just fit the bill for somebody's own project. My own take, is cut down to a motorcycle windscreen size, the small curvature of a couple of the failures may be just the ticket, especially for our FF esque silhouette type vehicles, and although the styrene in the fibreglass resin affects the perspex, you could probably get a few moulds off them before they were destroyed, and get the start of a smooth front nose for an LSR vehicle, or a big remote control R.O.V. or submarine, to a car roof box, or Andy may be able to adapt one for his current diminutive top box, into a sleep over pod. I have put a lot of time and effort and money into this part, and if i only wanted the one canopy, I would have paid the £2500 required to do so, but because i want to eventually produce more, i had to go down this route if it is going to be viable, and whilst it has been very challenging for me, its not really difficult once you have gone through the costly learning curve, of building 2 ovens and making good all your earlier mistakes, and costly scrap. So whilst i have everything set up i am also prepared to make further copies on the chance any are required by others, at £800 each plus the vat, before i dismember the oven. Ime ordering another 3 sheets for myself next week, so decide quickly, just don't ask afterwards. If anybody is interested in making their own oven, i am also happy to fire pictures off etc, and all the bits i got wrong, making it far easier a path to follow. The canopies as formed from 6mm sheet, and are approx 1600 x 600 and i am hoping a min of 400mm high, will keep you posted.

Canopy fails 007.jpg3.53 MB
Canopy fails 008.jpg3.53 MB
Canopy fails 011.jpg3.01 MB
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