FJ is 35

Shown just after returning from a shopping trip in Bristol's new clean air zone - for which it is exempt and the only vehicle we have that is. Np great point in celebrating this milestone. it's got another five years to go to achieve 'historic' status and it hasn't even made 90,000 miles yet (nearly. nearly) but there can't be many 'Q' plated vehicles still in their original owner's hands let alone something as unique as this. It's encouraging that there are people out there seeking to do better (but not BMW, Honad, Yamaha et al)

FJ is 35

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A study in ageing

I have to comment on the series of photos of this bike in this location covering the last fiften years (and quite a lot longer if you can be bothered to look). Technical evolution, some unobstrusive but major, minor detailing, all effective progress, otherwise they wouldn't be there. But really, the paintjob! The tail was last painted in 1985, Acrylic/polyurethane, by Barry Nurse a master of paintwork now long retired.

It's reached the "Morris 1000"* stage, where pretty much everything is so obsolete there's no point in more development, one would do better to start again. I wish someone would! Meanwhile it's still fine personal transport.

*For older readers.