Rocket 3 Touring

Dear all,
This picture of of a younger Rob, complete with pot belly superimposed on a Triumph Rocket 3 Touring 2008 model chassis, is a replacement for the recently abandoned Norton Rotary Project.
Basically I came to the conclusion that the Norton Project was not going to get finished in the near future. Also I will have to get my skates on if I want to enjoy another ff before its lights out.
So rather than give up completely! I am embarking on a quick cut and shut of this Triumph.
The bike has been purchased and have ridden it to La Tour Blanche in the Dordogne France.
Started stripping the bike of its chrome and glitter, but will keep it running machine so as not to let it descend into a non running project, which would be all so easy.
Many will think its not an obvious choice, but its not a complete random, as I have been thinking about it for some time.
The Touring model has sensible width wheels, diameter is 16" narrower rims than on the other models. Wheelbase is 67" inches.
I know the engine size is over the top, and unnecessary, but the long tall inline engine is what hooked me, legs are not pushed outwards as the engine is narrow. I would have been happier with less cc.
So the seat base will be around 23". The forwards mounted foot pedals are almost where one would want them already, they will need moving 6" forwards,
The fuel tank needs to be replaced or moved.
The underseat frame rails need to be lowered. There is 15" between the rear shock mounting bolt and the frame rails behind the engine, enough to get the seat height down. Airbox which is positioned under the standard seat will be replaced with a replacement simpler system. I have a system on order from Ramair.
The controls arrangement of which I would prefer tiller style, could be like on Bob Wreford,s Banana Kawasaki.
The rest of the chassis will remain stock.
Riding down to LTB in France was a revelation and was gobsmacked how well the bike rode in standard trim. It was very easy to ride, docile and not if you know what I mean:)
I would be happy for any input, preferably constructive:)
The Creasey front end from the Norton project has moved on to Dave Arthur, the Norton rear end with Rotary engine is now with George Molineux in South Molton Devon.

Rocket 3 Touring

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Rocket III possibilities

Delighted to see you're still FFing, Rob! As soon as the Rocket III arrived I wondered whether its monstrous but inline and upright motor could be squeezed into the place usually occupied by the Reliant engine in a Quasar! FWIW I know Mark Holmes, the Englishman who rode a Rocket III around the world a few years ago, who now lives in Lyons. He has only recently sold the bike. I hope yours has ABS. I know two very experienced and capable riders who have each crashed a Rocket III when locking up the front wheel...PNB
PS Mark Holmes wrote a book, 'Rebirth' about riding his big Triumph around the world, See here:

Good luck!

I'm sure Malcolm would have approved.