Voyager 06

Voyager owners have held left-over production parts for over three decades now, even manufacturing some components. Recently one of these owners has begun collecting them together into a single pile, generously assisted by the other owners. Here's part of the collection on it's way to the main pile. There's enough for another Voyager - 06. Oringinal parts, plus some replacements made on the original tooling. Not even a replica, just another one.

Voyager 06

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Hi Royce Ive got a used seat

Hi Royce Ive got a used seat frame and sponge, from Rob's Norton FF which i am happy to donate if it helps get another vehicle on the road, as you pointed out they are now very rare, but as i am not building a replica, i can use another seat, plus as you know, i also have a few jigs you used in the front end construction which i am happy to loan out as well, available to collect North West or possibly meet up.