Handlebars & Hoses in GTS Quasar

As Mike Ryan said on his Facebook post with this photo, he was delighted to discover that there is no need to extend any of the standard cables or hoses from the original Yamaha GTS. PNB
Photo: © Mike Ryan

Handlebars & Hoses in GTS Quasar

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hand control support?

Looking at the photo I wonder if the full range of loads on the hand control have been considered. Absent any handles on the bodywork the hand control will be used to 'ground handle' the vehicle, including helping to pick it up if dropped. Also it appears to only have one steering drag link, rather than a coupled pair. This will reduce steering precision and increase resultant loads on the steering control pivot. These effect can be detected even on a bicycle (where drag links are involved) and are undesirable. Anything that reduces flex in the steering system improves control quality.