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Not exactly an FF gathering, but as picture shows, ive just acquired Robs Bananaskins FF next to the soon to be completed Rocket 3 of Robs, and leaning on the side of my reverse trike in the distance, is Royce's chassis and complete front end he built for Rob, for his Norton rotary, and which i soon hope to have the front end surgically removed, and grafted onto the back end of my own electric FF. The thing that strikes me most, despite our dedicated few FF propogandists flying the FF flag, and disregarding all but one of the supposedly, and actual many advantages an FF design can offer, how a few relatively subtle changes to a design, ie sitting in, rather than on a motorcycle, can at a single stroke almost double the MPG of the vehicle, and it not be a main stream design, and a perfect example is Bobs home grown 500GPz 72mpg at 70mph, is mighty impressive, and without casting criticism on the design, a day in a wind tunnel by any the mainstream manufacturers would probably add 20 more, and the commuter vehicle would be topping 200mpg, just take a look at Allert Jacob's efforts. Anyway ime exited to get a road FF and will have something to possibly test some of my stuff before it goes onto the electric FF.

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New FF tecnical centre!

Good to see another generation of actual engineers take up the FF burden. Obviously second your comments about fuel efficiency and put in a mention for FJ's 90mpg @ 70 mph. It has been a disapointment that no one else has got into a wind tunnel with an FF since Monoliner did .21CDa. We improved to that figure, from .24 after one session and an adjustment. Getting below .2, into NSU Hammock territory was clearly possible and even a road going open cockpit example should be able to approach .25 Basically a developed, road going E-FF, not dramatically different from FJ or it's kin, would be the most efficient practical road vehicle on earth. Not that anyone gives an actual shit.

Good luck with doing better!