Still Guessing

Pitlochry eh? Obviously spotted the word 'Loch' in there, so maybe Scotland, but then see the background. Flat. And Colin's mentioned. So I'll go with Lincolnshire, land of my birth. (of course I could google it, but where's the fun in that?)

While Colin's on, he's due points on the Cosmic Supply Co. Register for being in the next village or two from the location of the vertical mill I needed to look at before bidding. Cue actual video of the mill in action. Now installed in my workshop (see pic) promoting it to better equipped than the Voyager production facility. Fortunately I'm too old (I'm told) to actually build any more FFs but there's the odd job around in Bristol.

Still Guessing

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Morning, Royce. The clue was in the heading: Colin's Scottish FFery 2023. And as usual, the camera lies about the topography. It's actually quite a steep hill, coming off one of my favourite traffic free moorland motorcycling roads. Colin Ferguson, not Russell! ( AKA Delta Sunbeam )

The Scits connection!

Sorry about that. First guess was correct then. Scotland is now the location, along with Wales, of the majority of 'Production' Voyagers, referred to by Martyn in Wales as the "Export model". If only! Welsh roads, where the Voyagers were made and first ran, ironically mainly 'Euro roads', resemble those in Scotland in being largely empty, full of natural curves and surounded by beautiful scenry. A perfect home for Voyagers. Meanwhile FJ spends it's time dodging potholes, below 20mph, in first and second gear around the decaying shambles that is Bristol - not really the arena it was designed for but it's the only vehicle we've got that is allowed in the ULEZ.

Scottish Voyagers

Jim Ewen is almost my next door neighbour! About a mile away. It will be good to see that machine back on the road.