Looking for a better home


I haven't looked at my modified GPZ for years now. Not sure what to do with it. So I thought I would see if anyone here was interested. I live in Oxford if you want to pick it up.

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Hi Bob I am currently busy

Hi Bob I am currently busy with my Ecoesque type vehicle, but would like to be able to build a lower powered lighter version along side, so i would be interested in the bike, but more for the parts than anything, and because it is complete, it seems a shame to jump in, when somebody may use it as it is, but if you get no takers, i am more than happy to collect, I also have quite a bit of surplus GPZ stuff available to pass on, including a modified ( longer swing arm ) all available for free, and as a small subcontract machine shop, i have lots of bar ends and offcuts available which i am happy to pass on to fellow constructors, as well as the Pan European bodywork still cluttering the shop before it is skipped, and also still have the chassis and logbook, wheel, damper, caliper, rear end off the Sachs 125, for a super lightweight FF. Dave

Sorry folks. I've sold it

Sorry folks. I've sold it now.