Botting BMW R1100FF LHS (2005)

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Botting BMW R1100FF LHS (2005)

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This is my FF project from my final year of university.

It's an unmodified BMW chassis. the idea being that it's a bolt-on kit for any R1100 series bike.

The bike uses manually operated & powered supports, enabling full enclosure without the high costs associated with powered systems

Hi Dave! I’m Scott. I’ve been

Hi Dave!

I’m Scott.
I’ve been thinking about building a FF bike for years, and one of the designs I’ve looked in to is based on a BMW R11 or 1200.
When I recently posted an illustration of that here ( ), Paul directed me to your pictures and I was astonished!
You went ahead and did this years ago!
Is there anywhere I can read more about it?


After all these years etc.

This is the bike you built some time ago while working for Triumph? The one that didn't work any better than the stock bike, thus 'proving the FFs don't work' and generating your piece in "Books"; "Limitations on low CG design"? The bike is a nice piece of work. Did you ever run it with the fuel tank more rationally located? (Eg underseat etc.) Probably the next step in your investigation? How much of a problem are the cylinders when 'foot down' Malcome and I avoided the boxers last millenium for this reason. Even the 'brick' is uncomfortably wide for a 'doorway' width FF.

How well did the outrigger wheels work? that's of interest to many people looking at full/partial enclosure. Arnold is claiming something new with his current e-racer option, but so far no-one has demonstrated a system that allows a vertical 'landing' on a cambered surface, thus avoiding the control reversal Eco/mono-tracers suffer from. A succesful 'closed loop' or rider-interactive outigger system is really the next technological step in FF development apart from E-power. Not technically difficult, but cost, power, packaging, castor or not castor, brakes, reverse etc. all details to be solved.

Also, How did Triumph react to your bike? They don't even acknowledge letters about FF's (Cargo scooters) at present. Any tips for making contact?