Botting BMWFF (with outriggers)

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15 years on! 2020 description. The outriggers are shown deployed in this photo. Note that the machine was road legal at this point – see comment from David Botting below, and spot the old-fashioned tax disc in the photo! PNB

Botting BMWFF (with outriggers)

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The 'beast' has been road leg

The 'beast' has been road legal for a couple of months now.

I've covered about 150ish miles so far.

I've been pretty shocked at how totally different FF riding is!!!

I'm having trouble judging braking, and tipping in. Heavy countersteering is required unti you're on the power, then it feels great. (maybe some chassis fiddling may help - or maybe i'll get used to it?!)
So far i'm well off the pace for fast riding.

The supports are working well, but again some areas for improvement are begining to be evident now that i'm covering some miles. The 'footrest to support-pedal' time is currentlty a little slow, requiring careful riding in city traffic.

The actual support given does however exceed that given by the ordinary use of legs/feet from a sitting position.

That fuel tank!

I'm mainly interested in your outrigger set-up but reading your comments on riding your beast I have to say that the fuel tank location is the 'sore thumb' that I suggest you address. Looking at the picture there seems to be room for a substantial tank immediately behind the seat, forming part of the rear wheel enclosure. FJ, for instance, has a five gallon tank behind the seat with a "Tyre proof" 16guage panel for the wheel enclosure - the passenger sits on the tank. FJ has a 60.5" wheelbase. I think you'll find the lowering the tank like this will transform turn-in and general stability. As it's got a 'telelever front end you could also try reducing trail a bit to speed turn in.

But the outriggers, How do you power and operate them? Can you park the bike upright on cambered surfaces? Key questions really. I've always tried to achieve low enough weight for leg support to be enough but ouriggers seem essential for full enclosure unless some miracle of weight saving can be achieved! It's really a key technology and I'm keen to see how Richard Hatfield deals with it.

Are you still around, Dave?

Since you posted this so long ago, I know it’s a long shot, but I sure would like more details on this project.
Did you continue riding it?
Could you share more about building it and riding it?
It seems you could move the seat a few inches lower. If that’s possible, what are your thoughts about that?