Benelli Adiva 125

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This is a fantastic bike for feet forward enthusiasts, its so comfortable and relaxing to ride, it feels like riding a chopper or a "Harley" as my mate quipped when he rode it.
I wanna try and put a 250 engine in, anyone got any thoughts.

Benelli Adiva 125

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Well Adiva have finally bough

Well Adiva have finally bought out a bigger bike,the Adiva AD250 completely redesigned, with a 250 engine and many accesories available.
They also have 125 version, these bikes are much bigger and have carrying capacity for 2 average size adults.noticed)

Recent update;
Take the roofed Adiva, stick a 400cc motor in it and graft a front wheel configuration from the MP3 on her and BLAM! What could possibly be the perfect commuter scooter. Retractable protection from the elements... get up and go... crazy stability... CHECK!

This could be a big seller in Europe and Japan, where it may actually be available in 2009. Keep an eye out at EICMA 2008 for developments.

The later Adiva 250, no longer built by Benelli

The 250 Adiva, as built and owned by the Chinese after they bought the original name and concept from Benelli, has been in production for some time.
There's a good 4 minute demo of one in Saigon here: