New Silver Wing

Hi guys, especially to some of my old friends like Paul Blez if you're reading this...

I've now owned a Silver Wing for almost 3 years (bought it with 11k on the clock) and covered another 20K+ miles in that time. It has taken me back and forth between Sydenham and City of London every day with occasional trips to Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg etc, without breaking down ONCE!. In fact the only time it has been off the road was for a week after an accident I had with a minicab turning right without indicating. The damage was close to £2K but all is well again and the bike looks as good as new.

Why all this waffle I hear you ask? Well, I have been working pretty hard of late and feel that I deserve a new bike, ideally another Honda - you don't find reliability like this elsewhere. I have no objections buying another Honda though this time I would love a European graphite grey metallic one, but I am retiscent just in case Honda announce a new model a week after I buy a Silver Wing. Its been around for close to 5 years now so surely Honda must be planning a replacement. Does anyone have any details or heard any rumours?

Your input would be invaluable.