Fitting a Volvo Seat on a Burgman

As you can see from the photo, it is possible to fit a Volvo Seat on a Burgman!

This is the next stage in making my Burgman more of an FF. I got the seat from the Volvo Breakers on the A1 near St Neots for a mere 25 quid. It's a leather seat so won't need recovering. I had quite a choice and eventually plumped for an early 7 series instead of the usual 340 seat because of the leather, the filled in head rest and the fact that the lumbar adjust and the rake adjust are both on the left hand side. Not only that but it's got a heated back and seat base.

I've got an idea of how I'm going to mount it, but it's going to need a small amount of welding. Hmmm. I figure I'll make a wood frame to start with to check everything is going to work and then duplicate it in 10 or 15mm box section steel tube. The plan is for a U shaped piece with the base of the U just in front of the luggage compartment and the arms picking up the current pillion handhold bolts. I've got all the seat mounting gubbins including the runners, so it may be possible to use them to provide the two positions of solo and pillion.

I've already separated the seat back from the base and propping it up on the Burger it looks like it's almost exactly the right width.

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i would like to get a pictuer

i would like to get a pictuer of my newly constructed ff
ecloseden bike to bike web but too large to send on this
page . do you heve a web sight that will take bike piatures marion h williamson