1990 honda CN250

just won this CN250 on ebay for the princely sum of 500 quid.. hope its going to be as reliable as reports would have me believe.

1990 honda CN250

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customising the "helix"

so anyone had any intrest in getting custom parts for the CN250? all i can find is japanese ssites but they all seem very daunting to me. im used to shipping parts in to the uk from overseas but i dont speak the language and the one firm i did call dont speak english (or at least i think thats what the guy said)

any sites would be much appreciated


is there a forum here? or any way that i can get in touch with other members who may be able to help me with any questions i have? if not im happy to set up a forum for this purpose?



feel free to remove this if you want to. (i wont be offended)

i have started my own forum its totally new so dont expect a lot but until the forum gets a few members it will be slow have a look leave a message

any FF'ers are welcome


after sorting out the carbura

after sorting out the carburation it runs like a dream but i think i have rear bearing problems. now if i can just find a way to remove the rear wheel without having to take off body panels and the exhaust pipe i will be happy! i dont think ive ever had a bike that was so difficult to work on. its a total nightmare.. of course any connection with any other cn250 owners would be really useful for tips and advice! anyone out there?


new site for big scooters

ok scrap the last forum weve moved upmarket




come on wheres the support?.. this place has lots of members!

helix sites


Sorry you haven't got much feedback - day-to-day correspondence is mainly done on the FF Yahoo group:
and you might want to visit the CN250 Yahoo group that's been running for years, as you new one would seem to clash with it:
I hope that helps,