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I have seen the future! - and I can't afford it...

Here's a professional video showing the newest offering from Peraves. Probably the most efficient EV in existence, and one of the fastest.

(another) FF takes Land Speed Record at 367mph

Pictures and information, plus a great video, on the latest LSR record breaker

Touring Helix Project

Composite work on a Honda Helix for more aero, full backrest single seat, less wind on the hands, lower seating height, more storage space.

improved braking?

Interesting site, improvement of steering effort promised. Anyone who understands steering geometery, is it likely to work as well as stated?

different braking

Hi, found this website when looking up brakes. Interesting idea on making steering better?


FF Mailing List

The FF Email Discussion list

Project VF


I run the silverwing.org site and have over 100 members fro around the world, though mainly UK and USA.



Helix-3 tilting threewheeler

Homebuilt tilting threewheeler based on chinese clone of Honda Foresight scooter

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Andy Tribble's FF pix

In this collection there are some shots of work in progress on the FFMZ, plus a few more shots of the Coda that appeared at Beaulieu '05. Also, in a heap up against a fence, a Quasar bodyshell and other parts including (if you look closely) some Quasar panniers.

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Royce's FF site

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"Homebuilt Recumbents"

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