Duckworth Biography Author In Eco with 'First Principles'

Former Car racer David Da Costa tries Andy Tribble's 1987 Peraves Ecomobile for size at Castle Combe Circuit in Wiltshire with Norman Burr, author of 'First Principles' behind with the book. Tribs kindly lent the machine to Paul Blezard to take to the launch of the Keith Duckworth biography at the circuit, which was appropriate since it was as a direct result of taking the original blue 'sister' Ecomobile to the UK in 1992 that Blezard met Keith Duckworth in the first place, thanks to legendary Norton racer Peter Williams who was working for Cosworth at the time. Blezard contributed a substantial chunk of words and photos to the chapter about Keith's involvement with interesting scooters and motorcycles, including the Voyager which he owned for several years. PNB
Photo: Carla McKenzie

Duckworth Biography Author In Eco with 'First Principles'

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Blez on Keiths V oyager eh?

And there I was thinking the author would have done his own research...

Oh well, be interesting to see how accurate the Voyager piece is then. Once I actually get to buy the book. Not "horribly Pedestrian" I hope!