Trib & his Eco @ Vines of Guildford

Andy Tribble with his trusty Ecomobile outside Vines of Guildford after the memorable launch of Elspeth Beard's book 'Lone Rider' on July 20th 2017. I had the pleasure of driving the beast the 5 or so miles back to Elspeth's famous water tower outside Godalming while Andy followed on my Honda Dominator 650, in his slip-on Eco-driving shoes!
This Ecomobile is in the Bonham's sale at the Stafford Classic Bike Show on October 15th 2017. Details here:
More about the Lone Rider launch, and the book itself, here:
Photo: © Paul Blezard

Trib & his Eco @ Vines of Guildford

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Still Andy's Eco?

I thought Andy had swapped this Eco with Colin Russell's Voyager? Did that not happen then?