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Quasar Mk2 VF750 back on the road

After sitting in a garage for over 8 years I was surprised it started at all, never mind on 2 cylinders. A bit of tweaking by Pete Munden and some fresh petrol, all 4 cylinders fired up. I've now replaced the oil, oil filter, plugs, rat/mouse chewed HT lead and air filters and it starts on all 4 cylinders. I've rubbed down the rust and painted. Passed its MOT 20/8/2011 and is now back on the road. Still plenty of work to do to fix some of the dash clocks/lights and sort cold starting. Bought another 1982 VF750 so I can diagnose what need fixing on the Quasar.

Quasar no.2

Finally became a Quasar owner, 1978 Red Quasar, bought off Andy T. Engine is running well after Andy had a new distributor fitted. I'm going to look at sorting the dash out first and make a list of other jobs to look at later. Added more pictures after three weeks of tinkering.

August 2010, newly painted and with new electronic distributor. Now has driving lights on each fork. Now owned by Gavin Newell and I have the VF750 based mk2, July 2011.

Q2 when arrived March 2010

Quasar pictures from 1980

This was the first time I saw a Quasar, 1980 when I was 14. I think the event was at the Police HQ in Preston and even had a Police version. The last pic is a group from the show.

Safer bikes

I'm passionate about having a choice in everything and that includes bike safety. I bought a BMW C1 4 years ago and I still think it is a brilliant concept and a really enjoyable ride round town. I needed to travel further two years ago so bought a Honda Silverwing scooter and I'd love to see Honda bring out one with a safety cell like the C1. The BMW C1 should have been exempt from the helmet law as its safety features are more akin to a car and it is just stupid to wear a helmet in a belted vehicle.

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