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Current state of the Aerobike...

The Aerobike is currently partly dismantled, I was selling more as an on going project rather than a going concern this is the current state of things -

I have taken the body panels off and drilled out the rivets that mounted the front wheel tunnel as I was using the remaining chassis and engine for experimenting with a tilting 3 wheeled tadpole trike -

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Aerobike project is up for sale...

Mostly due to a lack of a suitable place to safely test and refine the Aerobike, it is up for sale, either mostly complete or as a body / chassis.. I am not expecting to recoup the money that was spent on it and are willing to dismantle it to make it easier for overseas shipping if required ... (thinking maybe $2000 US for chassis, moulds, bodypanels,stabilisers etc? )

Read more about it -
or at Manfeild racetrack -

Contact me at if you are interested ...

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Aerobike side wind testing crash

I have finally got back to working on the Aerobike but testing did not go well-
I had been waiting for some reasonably strong winds and we got them today in my area, so with my neighbour following, I headed down the road to evaluate the side wind behavour of the bike.

Going south with the wind blowing mostly from the tail and side the bike felt fine, pushed around a little bit but no worries about staying in my lane or losing control, so all seemed good.

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AeroBike Enclosed Motorcycle

Hi All,

My name is Roger Dunkley, I live in Wellington, New Zealend and I have been building my enclosed motorcycle for about 3 years now. I have recently tested it at the closest racetrack, this was the first time I have been able to really test it out and I was very happy with the results, rewaching 174 km/h about half way down the main straight with no instability and getting to about 45 degrees of lean round the corners.

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