Commercial FFs (and prototypes which could or might yet be)

  • Felo Tooz Unveiled in Bangkok (LHS, 2024)

    Electric Commercial FFs (& prototypes which might inspire them)

    As electric powered two wheelers of all kinds proliferate, there are many which could lend themselves to some sensible FFery for improved range and comfort!

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  • Alex Gurney & 2 Alligators (2011)

    Gurney Alligators

    The Amazing Alligator FFs of American racing legend Dan Gurney which were put into limited production in the Noughties.

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  • Vultus meets Turbo Eco! (June 2021)

    Peraves Ecomobiles & Monotracers

    Peraves cabin motorcycles were manufactured and sold by the Swiss company from the late 1980s. The early machines, powered by BMW K100 engines, were called Oekomobilen, but the name was soon anglicised to Ecomobile and Ecomobiles were subsequently built and sold with K1100 and finally with K1200 engines until 2005, when there was a fire in the factory of the company's Czech partner in Brno. Some 89 Ecomobiles were built in all. A new body shape was designed in 2006, along with a new name: Monotracer, and the first Monotracers were completed and sold in 2007. Some 60-odd Monotracers were built from 2007 to 2013, most with BMW K1200 engines but several were all-electric, powered by Brusa and AC Propulsion motors putting out 100Kw and 130Kw respectively. The electric Monotracer MTE 7079 won its tandem class and $2.5million in the Automotive X-Prize in 2010 and the first of two Brusa-powered Designwerk Zerotracers was ridden around the world in 80 days in 2010-2011, and was the winner of the ZeroRace, the only one of the three electric vehicles to complete the circumnavigation without any outside assistance. PNB

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  • Quasar 002


    A few images of Quasars in this Commercial section just to show that they were in limited production from 1976-1982, first in Bristol, then in Calne.

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  • Hub Centre Steering on Saietta NGS

    Saietta Group; Agility, Agni & Cedric Lynch

    The Saietta Group was created in 2015 by the amalgamation of Agility Global and Agni Motors.

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  • Keith Duckworth in his Voyager

    SCL Voyagers 1989

    Designed by Royce Creasey, 5 pre-production Voyagers were built by Speake & Company in Crickhowell, South Wales in 1989. The machine was launched at the 1989 Motorcycle Show at the NEC.

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  • Sbarro Monotrace at Essen (2004)

    Super Low & Stylish Sbarro (2003)

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  • Bi-Car News Item

    The Bell Bi-Car 500 of 1972

    A mysterious American FF, which must have been pretty lively if it really was 'highway tested' as claimed in the advertising, since it was powered by a 500cc two-stroke engine with 60bhp. It looks like the Kawasaki triple unit of that era which had exactly that power rating. Made in Southern California, and apparently exhibited in Northern California in May 1972.

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  • Biggest Top Box on a Vultus?

    HONDA's FFs

    Honda have come closer to building production FFs than any other mass manufacturer. They started with the Helix/Spazio/Fusion CN 250 in 1985, in production for more than two decades, then followed it by the 680cc V-twin custom-cruiser the DN-01, first shown as a prototype at the 2005 Tokyo Show and in production by 2008. Then, in 2014, Honda launched the NM4 Vultus, in both 700cc (for the USA) and 750cc versions. It is definitely the most FF-ish mass-produced motorcycle so far, but far less original than Honda would like people to believe! And at 25 inches, the Vultus's seat height is even lower than the Helix's or any other standard machine currently available.

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  • In Thailand - Everyone rides :)

    Seen in Thailand

    FF and FF related bikes of interest seen in Thailand

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