Electric Commercial FFs (& prototypes which might inspire them)

  • 1989 Powa Electric FF (LHS)

    1989 Powa Electric City Bike FF (model prototype)

    A prescient all-electric design from Swiss designer Hans Walther, way back in 1989. The plan was for an initial production run of 200...

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  • BMW CE04 at NEC show (2022)

    BMW's CE04/Link electric scooter project

    First seen in 2017 as the Link project, then developed further and publicised in late 2020 as the CE04. This scooter appears to be based on the C evolution, but has an elongated wheelbase and flat battery pack in the 'keel' to make room for a luggage space under the seat.

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  • Green Bykero, Oxford Services, 2019

    Bykero Quasar-esque Children's Rides

    Now ubiquitous in the UK, a futuristic electric FF designed for children to go nowhere...

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  • Sinclair X-1 vs London Cab (&C5) 2010

    Clive Sinclair's last project: the X-1 FF pedelec

    With the passing of the late Sir Clive Sinclair (16/9/2021) I think it's time to devote a whole folder to his final project, the X-1 pedelec. As can be seen from the photos (kindly supplied by Ben Wilson) this was no mere pipe dream. Ben Wilson built a fully-operational prototype which was featured on national television. Sadly, it never made it to production.

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  • New 2023 Electrom + Video

    Electrom FF pedelec

    Fabrizio Scott's Electrom; under development in Victoria, British Columbia for several years. It clearly works very well, as can be seen in several videos, here: electrom.ca

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  • Senmenti X on show in USA (2024)

    Horwin's electric Senmenti X FF prototype (2023)

    Announced at EICMA in Autumn 2023, Horwin have made all sorts of claims for this machine which appears to be more mock-up and CGI than working machine so far...

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  • Felo Tooz Unveiled in Bangkok (LHS, 2024)

    Smartech Thai Electric FFs

    Smartech is a Thai company with big ambitions in the electric motorcycle world, if their appearance at the April 2024 Bangkok show is anything to go by.

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  • 2-up in a Toyota i-Road (2015)

    Toyota i-Road narrow electric TTW

    Toyota's i-Road is arguably the first serious alternative to an FF motorcycle to go into production.

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  • 2 C1-Lits – Real & Imagined (RHS, 2024)

    Lit Motors GyroFF AEV C-1 electric cabin motorcycle

    This amazing machine would appear to be a dream two-wheeled car/FF. Greenly electric, gyro-balanced, aerodynamic, comfortable, takes two, steers itself around corners er, somehow, and can't fall over. What's not to like?
    Can Danny Kim and his California crew really make it work as claimed and sell it for $25,000? They're having a damn good go!
    We've been watching their progress since 2010 with open-mouthed interest. PNB

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