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FJ's new nose

The objectives of this new nose are;

To improve Indifference to turbulence
to improve cockpit environement
To reduce weight

Care was also taken to maintain good flow to the rear radiators and the mirrors have been slightly re-positioned.

Improved Indifference was sought by using relatively sharp edges to separate transverse flows over the surface. These can be seen along the edges of the upper surface, around the headlight opening and on the side of the nose (only the left habnd side visible here)

Improved flow into the heater has been sought by fitting an intake under the headlights, as recomended in the article on Ergonomics elswhere on this site, and by using the upper half of the headlight opening as the intake for a duct up the rear of the screen.

Material is Epoxy/Glass rather than Polyester/glass (over PU foam) and the structure are notocably lighter than the previous sections.