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An introduction

Hi All

Just become a member

I have been interested in Quasars since the beginning (late 70's) when a guy living opposite me owned one.

A stroke stopped me from buying Paul’s when it was up for auction (and the price) but I have kept in touch with Mark since then attending one gathering and lending a hand at the Quasar Garage whenever I have visited Mark.

So what am I doing on this list?

1) I have built more Quasars than anyone else (OK - OK so they are only models)

2) Mark and I currently own the SOLO QUASAR and with the blessing of the Newell family I have undertaken to restore it to its former glory.

Yes the "WHITE WONDER" is to be restored as the show mock-up that Malcolm originally built

The plan is to transport the bits to my home and display them at the first Poole Bike Night on Tuesday 1st April 2008

Then spend the summer restoring the bike before showing it (fully restored) at the last Poole Bike Night on Tuesday 30th September 2008


Known facts about this bike

1) It was shown around the shows in the late 1970'S

2) It is in Marks back garden

Not a lot to go on for a restoration project but with your help we can do it

Anything that you know about this machine will be gratefully received and I do mean anything, roomers, myths, legends or even boring old facts. The more information we get the more accurate a picture we will get and the better equipped we will be to restore this unique creation.

Make a note of the date (1st April) and drive down to Poole for The Bike Night, bring your creation and put on a show of FF's that will help get the project of the ground in the best way possible.

Email me off list if you want to but please DO get in touch

Brian Walker

Project manager, Mechanic, Engineer, Grease monkey, Welder, Plaster, Sculpt-person, Painter, you get the picture

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White Wonder-03

Hi all

After Paul’s monumental effort to get to Poole for the bike night it makes my efforts infinitesimal. Mark and I just hired a van loaded the three bikes up and drove to Poole. We unloaded the working Quasar at my house and off we went to the event.

The site of mark on his Quasar following the van was something else, boy does he like to throw that thing around, every other person we passed stopped and stared as the Quasar went by.

We unloaded the White Wonder on the quay and set up camp, then the fun began, everybody over a certain age had a story to tell about the Quasar. Relocations of seeing the bikes at the shows, attending lectures given by Malcolm at universities up and down the country, and frightening stories of being overtaken and out cornered by Malcolm around the roads of Bristol, but no photographs of the White Wonder.

A great deal of interest was shown in the restoration of the White Wonder and responses from “you must be mad” to “all the best” and “yes we will be back in September to see the finished results” were forthcoming. Little children and even several adults did not believe that it was road worthy let alone built over 30 years ago and when mark fired it up and stuck it in reverse to drive it along the quay the shaking of heads said it all.

A very good night missed by some, but he has promised to service his bike and attend in September.

Thanks to Mark for the Quasar, Anne Simpson of Poole Tourism for allowing us the space, and all those who turned up on the night including Robin Thomas, Graham Fryer and friend Geoff and all of my friends who turned up while I was having a drink.

Thank you all

The research continues and I have made contact with several people who were involved with the production of the original Quasars and will be meeting up with then all sometime over the coming month.

Now that the White wonder is housed at my place I am beginning to realise how much of a migraine I am going to get over the coming months if I am to complete the project before the September deadline but I said I would do it and I will give it my best shot.



Did this happen? I live in Poole and didn't know that was the plan! Is the solo quasar the 1977 one in this link?